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Sections: Longitudinal sections, old series

Sections For Sheet: Durrow

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1 1848 Longitudinal section, Old Series. Sheet 1. Section from the Bilboa Colliery across Croaghan Kinshela to Arklow Rock. View section
10 1861 Horizontal or longitudinal section 10.Section 1. Across. the Slievardagh Coalfield, from near the village called the Four Roads, to the northern flank of the Nine Mile House tableland. Section 2. From near the village of New Birmingham, across Earl's Hill Colliery to Wilford House, two miles south of the village 4 Ballthgarry. From Littlefield House, across Boulea Collieries, to west of Ballingarry. From Woodsgift to near the village of Tullarvan. 5. From near Johnstown, over Spa Hill. 6. From the Hollyford Mines to Marlow, north-west of Clonoulty. (1861.) [Maps 136, 145, 146, 156.] Price 4s. 3d. View section