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Sections: Longitudinal sections, new series

Sections For Sheet: Dublin

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14 1862 Horizontal or longitudinal section 14. Section 1. From Oldtown to the Naul. 2. From Knightstown Quarry to the Bog of the Ring. 3. Across Donabate Promontory. 4. Along the coast from' shore S. of Rush, to shore N. of Skerries. 5. Across the Hill of Howth. 6. S. of Killakee House, through Montpelier Hill, to Allenton House. 7. From the Granite at Three Rock Mountain on the south, to the Limestone at Donnybrook on the north. 8. From Killiney and Rochestown Hill, to the shore at Blackrock. (1862.) [Maps 92, 102, 112.] Price 5s.0d. View section